Stop HR 676 NOW!

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HR 676 Status for more information on current legislation (must stop this nonsense!)


It is time for all of us to take action regarding a very damaging piece of legislation that the Obama Administration is very focused on seeing passed this session:

H.R. 676 United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act

We will be gathering additional information on this bill, its progress, and impact, and sending out updates regularly. It is very important that those of us who are opposed to this legislation begin right now to do what we can to oppose this bill.

Unfortunately, all of the noise being made currently is signaling passage of the bill and there seems to be little to no concerted effort to resist it. In other words, there is an aura of inevitability surrounding it, or at least, very well orchestrated efforts to make it appear so.

We need to turn that around. That means getting ourselves informed on the bill and what it means to the future of the country, and getting the word out.

To get additional information on the bill, click on one of the links below:


According to the most currently available information, the consensus on the timetable for voting on the bill is this summer, with a target of finalization by August.

While August may seem somewhat distant, the process leading up to it is the one upon which we must attempt to have impact. As we begin a concerted effort to do so, it seems a little reinforcement would be in order.

In 1961, Ronald Reagan did an audio segment about Socialized Medicine for the American Medical Association’s Operation Cup Coffee Campaign. (Where is the AMA in 2009 opposing much worse legislation?).

As with many issues, Reagan was able to articulate basic principles in a way that is timeless.

Click here to listen to the audio

Nationalized health insurance doesn’t fit into a Constitutionally limited government. Such a program further expands an all ready out of control Federal government.

H.R. 676 is very troubling for so many reasons. For this round, we will focus on cost. Fact is, we cannot afford this bill. Our country is already broke; we have no money. Even prior to last fall’s TARP bill, we were spending money at an unsustainable level. So how we will pay for this? You can read one article about the prospects here.

We will be gathering additional information on this bill, its progress, and impact, and sending out updates regularly. It is very important that those of us who are opposed to this legislation begin right now to do what we can to oppose this bill.

If you feel you are already well-informed on the bill, you could get started right now having an impact by doing as many of the following as possible:

* Email, call, fax, or write your representatives
* Write a Letter to the Editor
* Post to opinion sections of newspaper websites
* Call talk radio
* Send information to your entire email address book
* Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the facts

As noted above, we will are going to continue providing additional information. If you would like more information about the whole topic prior to doing any of the above, perhaps you could begin by making list of who you will contact when you have enough information.

If you do additional research and would like to share the information with others, reply to this message or post to the thread on the NING site.

Contact information links, nationwide:

United States Senate

House of Representatives

White House

Media Outlets List searchable by state and media outlet type

Shelli Dawdy
Facts Are Stubborn Things Blog

Grassroots in Nebraska

Twitter: @Stubborn_Facts

Constitutional Liberty Coalition



8 thoughts on “Stop HR 676 NOW!

  1. This “article” is so ignorant of the facts of what healthcare proposals are moving along in Congress. Please remember that the reason we have no money is because Bush was spending money at unsustainable levels and the damage he has done must be repaired.

    • Bush errors are no excuse for permitting socialized medicine. I want no part of government deciding my medical care ever! Nor do I want to pay for the health care of everyone else. Freedom requires personal responsibility! I want more freedom not less. I want less government not more.

  2. As a 69 year old conservative, I have already downloaded a copy of HR 676, emailed my congressman and Senator, and asked them to vote no. However, after spending 4 hours searching the internet for some good arguments against it, I have found very little arguments other than typical conservative rhetoric that is not very convincing. The arguments for the bill, however, are much more substantial and convincing. Do we really know it will cost the Trillions we suspect? Will it turn into a fiasco like Canada’s system? Without Medicare and Illinois Cares RX, I would be spending over $2000.00 a month on medicines!!! So the decision yea or nay on HR 676 is critical for me and a lot of Senior. Please Help!!!

  3. As a Canadian, government plays no part in who I choose (yes, I choose) as my family doctor. Nor do they tell me what specialist I can see. In fact, every choice I make is mine and mine alone. Sure I may wait a little longer at the Emergency Room but it sure beats the fear of choosing needed care over food on the dinner table. It’s unimaginable that the most powerful nation in the world has a healthcare system worse than the developing nations. Support Public Healthcare now and enjoy the same type of national treasure your neighbours to the north have.

    • That does not track with what I hear about the Canadian system, nor does it make government involvement in health care constitutional in the United States. Of course whether the current administration and congress know or follow the constitution remains to be seen. Whether people in this country continue funding the federal reserve system remains to be seen too. We need an audit asap!

      For Life and Liberty,

      • I don’t know who you’re talking to Sandie but what you’re hearing is wrong. I’ve made every choice about every doctor every time I’ve needed care. That does not apply to an emergency room visit but my family doctor is the one we choose, not our government. To think that the government could ever make that choice for me is completely preposterous. It’s not a part of HR 676 or any other bill but the right wing is so good at fear mongering. What part of your Constitution does not allow for universal healthcare? Too bad the previous government got your country into such a financial mess because that money could have been used to implement something that the 45,000 Americans that died last year because they didn’t have health insurance. Lastly, always remember that there are no weapons of mass destruction in healthcare, either. Time for a change in philosophy and in thinking that dollars are worth more than human life. For Life and Liberty, but on the Insurance Company’s terms, right?


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