Senator Randy Brogdon in LeFlore County!

Our favorite candidate for Oklahoma Governor will be in LeFlore County on Monday night. Please make plans to attend and tell a friend as well!  Email is going out, but personal invitations are way better than emails – hint hint hint!

We wanted to let you know that Randy Brogdon will be at the Days Inn in Poteau on Monday May 18 @7pm. This is a first for Leflore County, and we would like to see a couple hundred people there!

Additional Information:


Axioms for Liberty

Senator Randy Brogdon for Governor 2010

Important Upcoming Events


2 thoughts on “Senator Randy Brogdon in LeFlore County!

  1. We do not want this bill of Obama’s Health care passed. It is a bad bill and is very deceptive to the people of our blessed US. Vote against it for us, please, do not let it be passed.

  2. Senator Brogdon has returned to LeFlore County several times since his visit in May. I want to take this opportunity to thank him, along with Representative Ritze and Representative Reynolds for their efforts to allow WE THE PEOPLE in Oklahoma the opportunity to make our own health care decisions with the Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act.

    Randy most certainly has the best interests of Oklahomans in his mind and in his heart with all he has done in the State Senate the last 7 years and will make an excellent governor.


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