History:  In 1976, 1980, and 1984 the Oklahoma GOP supported Ronald Reagan for President – through a Caucus System instead of a “Presidential Preference Primary”


Question: How can we empower the grassroots to support conservative leaders like Reagan in the future?

Answer:  Restore the Oklahoma GOP to the Caucus System!

Counties across the State, including Oklahoma and Tulsa counties, have already passed a proposal known as “Caucus OK!” that would restore the Oklahoma GOP to a caucus system, and it will soon be heard at the State Convention, Saturday, April 18. You are invited to visit the Caucus OK website to learn more!

The Benefits

An enlarged, invigorated, and empowered grassroots volunteer and donor base

A nomination process that truly reflects a consensus of the Party grassroots

Increased fundraising opportunities for the Party

Saved tax-payer dollars (up to $3 million)

Increased influence and attention for Oklahoma in the national election

What It Would Change

It would establish a Presidental Precinct Poll to be conducted at each precinct meeting.

It provides for an absentee ballot for the Presidential Precinct Poll for those who are unable to attend a precinct meeting.

It empowers the District and State conventions to bind National Delegates according to a majority consensus rather than the current “winner-take-all” plurality.

It would effectively end the Oklahoma GOP’s participation in the so-called “Super Tuesday” primary.

What People Are Saying

“I believe that the Caucus OK proposal would greatly strengthen our party, invigorate the grass roots, and help to ensure that our nominee reflects our conservative values.” — State Senator Randy Brogdon

“Every freedom loving Oklahoman should realize that the Caucus OK represents what an informed electorate is all about. I wholeheartedly support returning to the Caucus OK proposal!” — State Representative Dr. Mike Ritze

“The Presidential Preference Primary system has nearly destroyed volunteer politics. In the old caucus system, at least 80% of new Republican volunteers – including me – first came to a precinct meeting because they were interested in the Presidential race and only later did they agree to volunteer. Presidential year precinct meeting attendance sheets were critical to renewing the corps of Party volunteers. Today the corp of volunteers has too few people to get the work done, and our own Party’s politics have become way too dominated by money, special interests and the manipulations of consultants and hostile media. A return to the caucus system will restore some balance to our Party.” — Tom Roach, President of Northwest Republican Club of Oklahoma City

Please visit Caucus OK for more information