Brogdon for Governor Money Bomb! –

The Countdown has begun . . .

Many of you may have heard that Sen. Brogdon – one of our state’s leading advocates for liberty and sovereignty – is planning a run for Governor of Oklahoma.  As a result, many of us in the grassroots are planning a “money bomb” (just like in the good old Ron Paul days) for this April 15th to coincide with the various tax-day tea parties that will be occurring that day.  So on that day, please head to and make your most generous donation.  We want to give Senator Brogdon the critical boost he needs to edge out candidates like Mary Fallin or Tom Cole who supported the bailout, among many other unconstitutional things.

For those of you not familiar with Randy Brogdon, here are a couple of statements from some great patriots you probably are familiar with who know him well:

“Oklahoma needs a Governor who is committed to following the Constitution and has the courage to stand up to the special interests.  Randy Brogdon is that person.  He has been the leader in the Oklahoma Legislature opposing the NAFTA Highway, the NAU, and REAL ID.  Please join me in electing him as our next Governor.”

Oklahoma Rep. Charles Key
author, 10th Amendment resolution (HJR1003)

“Senator Brodgon has been the leader in the Senate for introducing important legislation. From trying to make sure the government does not keep our biometrics data to working for the inclusion of the TABOR restrictions on government spending he has been an energetic advocate for change.”

Oklahoma Rep. Jason Murphey

In addition to spending the past several years helping to lead the fight against things such as the NAU, REAL ID, “Stimulus” funds, SB483, and other violations of our liberty and sovereignty, Senator Brogdon is also the author of the Senate version of Rep. Charles Key’s 10th Amendment resolution.  He has called on Governor Henry to refuse “Stimulus” funds, and has also announced a plan to introduce legislation that will refund tax money to Oklahoma tax payers for every dollar of stimulus money our state accepts — Oklahomans shouldn’t have to pay twice!

Please spread the word about this effort to everyone you know.  We want to make this a huge, single-day fundraising event, just like we did in 2007 for Ron Paul.  So on April 15th, please go to and help us put him over the top!  I firmly believe that if our Republic is to be restored, it must begin with Constitutionalists at the State-level who are willing to stand up to Washington and reassert our sovereignty under the Constitution.  I believe there is none better suited to do this than Randy Brogdon.

For liberty,
Brady Wright

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