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Please make it a personal email and/or call your Senator’s office Thursday morning and let’s get SB 289 passed!

Senator John Ford,

My good friend Kaye Beach was on the radio tonight primarily on this issue and apparently there is a chance this will not be brought to the floor and to a vote.  I am hoping that you can do something to make others know how important it is to pass this SB 289 to protect our privacy and freedoms.  I am sure Senator Brogdon’s office is tracking the count to bring it out if at all possible.

I don’t know where the soft votes are and I know how busy you all are; but please please please see if there is anything you can do to help other Senators to know how important it is to pass this bill now.  I would venture to say that protecting us from biometric data collection and central databases could be one of the most important things you all could do this legislative cycle.  Passing this particular bill would do a lot to keep us all safe from an over-reaching federal bureaucracy.  We should be doing all we can to prevent the slide toward tracking and monitoring our free citizens especially in the current administration!

Thank you for any help you and your staff can give on this effort and please let me know if I can support your efforts for SB 289 in any way.

@scrosnoe on twitter

updated additional information on bill

cc:  Kaye Beach (will be at the capitol Thursday AM if you need any additional information or if she should visit personally with anyone you speak with to help in any way) twitter @axxiom