The Republican Party is dwindling around the country and needs new life. We are happy to help, but we will not compromise on two primary issues Life and Liberty! We believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. We believe in limited government, personal responsibility, and a strong national defense (not meddling).

Conservatives and R3s are on the greatest growth cycle we have ever seen – just look at those Teaparties last week. All over the country and grassroots and wonderful. Are you inspired?

There are two great reasons that should cause you to want to attend the Oklahoma State Republican Convention on April 18th in OKC at the Clarion Hotel. You will get to help select a new chair and everyone who had anything to do with the last cycle who loves liberty and the Constitution and the rule of law knows we need one! We have a terrific opportunity to promote our current Vice Chair, Cheryl Williams to state chair. As if that were not enough, we also have an opportunity to return our state party to the Caucus System. Yes indeed, the same type of system that gave us Ronald Reagan a ‘few’ years back.

So if you live in Oklahoma and recently attended a county convention for the Republican Party (or if you knew it was occurring, but were unable to attend) and if your county convention declared an OPEN convention; then you have approximately one week to request to be added to the roles by asking in writing by email and/or by phone to the secretary or chair of the convention (depending on the specific instructions of your convention). I suggest you email and phone and keep a copy of your email request. Take it to your state convention in OKC at the Clarion Hotel on April 18th.

Details for specific conventions here:

Washington County – you have until March 6th @5PM to request state delegate status via phone 918.964.0547 and/or email to