#TCOT and online Conservatives Launch Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Friday February 27

Online conservative activists have rallied to CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s call, backed by mortgage traders, for a “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” to protest the Obama Administration’s bailout plan.

Santelli’s criticism of the Obma mortgage plan is that it rewards the irresponsible, while penalizing the responsible.

Moving quickly, Top Conservatives on Twitter , Smart Girl Politics, the #Dontgo movement, Americans for Tax Reform, the Heartland Institute, and American Spectator Magazine joined forces to announce a “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party”, to be held on Friday, February 27 at noon EST.  Today R3publicans is joining the effort and will be encouraging liberty lovers everwhere to join rallies and organize them in their cities too.

The tea party will be held simultaneously in Chicago, Washington, DC, at dozens of locations around the US, and on Twitter, using the #teaparty hashtag.

TCOT state groups have been formed to help with ongoing efforts via TCOT’s State and Local Netroots Group.  You can find your state by using this simple formula STtcot.ning.com for example Oklahoma is http://oktcot.ning.com

There’s momentum out there surrounding Santelli’s call to protest yet another ill-advised bail-out of yet another group that has made bad decisions. Anyone who wants to join this event is invited to visit www.officialchicagoteaparty.com.  There are also facebook groups forming and an attempt to consolidate information, but let’s face it this movement has a life of its own and the most important thing is to let people around the country know that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.

The flyers say that Revolution is Brewing, but we say that Freedom is Brewing and you can smell it in the air!

TeaParty in your town too!