Breaking News: OK 10th Amendment Resolution passes in House 83 to 13

Oklahoma Sovereignty 10th Amendment Resolution HJR 1003 passes in house today!

OK is setting a trend for the nation!

Vote 83Y 13N

Way to go team!  Thanks for being there in person today and in spirit as well. It was a great encouragement to all!

Please follow our Champion of the Constitution State Representative Charles Key on twitter @ckey ; he follows back most followers promptly.  He is a true servant leader with a heart for the people and what is right. He also has a facebook page where you can be a fan and get updates there.

Stay tuned as we move on to the Senate and look to Senator Randy Brogdon for updates there.  Follow him on twitter @randybrogdon and look for breaking news from him as well.


62 thoughts on “Breaking News: OK 10th Amendment Resolution passes in House 83 to 13

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  3. Thank You

    I am speechless.

    Finally we are doing something.

    The world is waking up to the truth.

    The danger grows every day that Obama consolidates power.

      • Cute Bob,

        I think that the dividing line is the Constitution and following it or not!

        It is not geographic, but a matter of the rule of law and of course – a matter of the heart as well . . .

        How we treat people and respecting one another’s rights is so important!


  4. I am so happy to see that someone has the guts to say and do what is right. I only hope another war doesn’t have to be fought to get back the rights we are supposed to be born with.

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  6. I live in FL, I hope our state follows suit, and then the rest of the South, then West, and then North. We may never Illinois join, but who needs their corruption?
    Congradulations. Way to go Oklahoma!

  7. I only hope that other, STATES, will do the same same. Start fighting to get back the rights that our fore father FOUGHT and DIE for. That is the Blanket we once LIVE UNDER! ( IT’S CALL THE CONSTITUTIONOF THE UNITED STATE!!!!)

  8. The more I ponder the question of Republican or Democrat, the more I believe they are all criminals. America needs a new frest start with all new fresh faces. What we really need in this country is:
    1. Vote all incumbants out.
    2. 2 Term Limits, no matter what.
    3. Severe punishment for law breaking.
    4. Put God back into the schools and country.
    5. Abolish the ACLU.
    6. Prosecute ACORN and prison sentences.
    7. No more racism, that includes blacks towards whites also.
    8. Cut govt. exactly in half.
    9. Cut govt. Spending 75%.
    10. Eliminate the no child left behind doctrine, not everyone needs to pass to the next grade.
    11. Get rid of Illegal Immigrants once and for all.
    12. On Social Security, if you didnt pay into it and you are an immigrant of any age, you dont get anything out of it
    13. No more dialing ‘1’ for English, that is so ridiculous.
    14. Abolish the electoral college.
    15. Investigate the Federal Reserve Bank.
    16. Stop foreign aide and free food distribution overseas, especially when we have Americans who do without because they are so poor.
    17. Elect more Accountants, Engineers, Teachers, Managers into office and less lawyers.
    18. To cut medical costs quickly now, simply put a limit on torts.
    Anyone else have any suggestions please add to the list.

    • On #12. make it read if you didn’t pay into it, you don’t get anything out of it! that would eliminate the bloodsuckers in DC from getting all those freebie benefits we pay for but they don’t!!!

    • Yes, we need to strengthen the wording of the 14th amendment that civil rights apply ONLY to human beings, NOT corporations! Congress has given human rights protections to corporations, which is exactly why we have corporate interference and control in our government.

    • Why don’t we just turn this country into Nazi Germany. They were all Christians who just killed those who weren’t.

    • You have everything right except #14:” Abolish the electoral college.” Without the electoral collage the high population liberal eastern states and California would have been already running the country years ago.

  9. To add one more to the list above..ANYONE running for office in this country MUST show his/her BIRTH CERTIFICATE and any other required doc’s.
    Treat all colors the same…no more BLACK Miss America..just MISS AMERICA. And etc, you get the picture.
    IF you sell drugs you go to jail and again it has nothing to do with COLOR!!!
    Pull our Troops out and bring them home.

    • Just for the record, the governor’s veto occurred after the article was written. Of course the resolution which ultimately passed in Oklahoma occurred after the veto also but it had a different number than the original bill.

  10. Is the governor that vetoed the bill a Dem?

    Corky, good point: Candidates present birth certificates! No more Miss black America, etc. because that is a form of discrimination. If we are to eliminate discrimination – we need to do it all the way.

    How about one more? Keep the President out of local affairs – like the one in Massachusetts with the professor. Now really does he not have enough to do than get involved in this or is he playing the race card?

  11. Yes the Oklahoma Governor who vetoed the bill is a Democrat. He is not running again and we are working hard to elect Randy Brogdon who is a strong proponent of state sovereignty!

  12. Thank you for having the guts to stand for what is right! We are One Nation under God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. No one should have to demonize us in our belief for what is right according to God’s righteous people. Let us stand for what is right.
    2 Chron 7:14 says, “If my people, who are called by
    My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”


  13. I couldn’t agree with Ray Iorio more ! He’s right on with every one of his suggestions on his list. I’m sure that there’s more to do, but it would sure be a changed country if those things could be put in place. It’s great to read coments from so many people who still know what is right.

  14. The first thing that needs to be done is to get that Junior Senator out of the White House. He has no business being there.

    Secondly, withdraw all of the USA’s troops from all other countries and put them on our own borders.

    Thirdly, give illegal aliens exactly 60 days to leave the USA. Any found after that, put them into prison for a mandatory 10 years at hard labor.

    Lastly, place every single government program onto a ballot. If the program is voted out by the populace of the USA, then it ends right then. No federal money can be spent until the expenditure is approved via popular vote.

    Just these few things would resolve 90% of the problems we have in our country now.

    If nothing else, it’s a damn good start!

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  16. Reply to Joe Smithfield: Joe, I agree with most of what you typed, however putting everything on the ballet at the present time with the present administration, ACORD and other such groups I am not sure of. Your idea is very sound, but I wonder if they would bus the minority voters in by the tens of thousands to the polls to skew the vote? Just a thought of mine, but I don’t trust politicians at all – they have a lot more experience at the smoke and mirrors game than most of us do! Keep thinking, your post was great. It is comforting to know that there are other people across the country who think as I do that the government is completely out of control or ‘the inmates are running the asylum (spelling?).
    Thanks again to all for you kind words regarding my posts.

    While living in NJ (now in FL) we had a governor who tried to raise taxes statewide by 3billion dollars, we fought the state and won, next election the governor was voted out. The group was called Hands Across NJ started in 1990. The point I am trying to make is that the people of the state actually were motivated enough to do it. The way we did it was to get key volunteers in every county, city and town in NJ to coordinate our efforts. It took almost a year coupled with major rallys in Trenton (state Capital) and speakers such as Alan Keyes, Military personnel, etc. who helped out. Getting the word out and motivating the people is the best way to achieve anything. The SILENT MAJORITY needs to become THE VOCAL MAJORITY.
    God bless you all………….
    -Ray Iorio

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  18. How about making people pay a 25% surcharge for money sent into Mexico, Central & South America.
    Most of this money is untaxed and draining our economy of billions of dollars each year.
    Citizens should be deputized, given tranquilizer guns and paid a bounty for tranquilizing graffiti taggers so they can be arrested (and deported).
    Would save millions.
    Flags of other nations should only be flown on foreign embassies or government cars.

  19. Add: NO LOBBYIST’s will be allowed in Washington D.C. If anyone is caught trying to influence any politician, they will be placed in Work Farms to help feed the poor! If any POLITICIAN is caught misusing their the trust of the people, (like the Congressman who had 10,000 bucks in his freezer), they will be immediately put to death after a 90 day grace period to get their affairs in order and turn over ALL their assets back to the PEOPLE; the same holds true for ANYONE who works for the people, like CEOs, Mayors, Governors, etc. If folks can’t get it right in this life, we need to move them ALL to their next one! … They’re just screwing it up for the rest of us that are working hard to make this country a decent place to live.

    • James,

      We certainly need to respect the right to a trial by jury and the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all!

      Let’s simply move those who don’t get it out of office as rapidly as possible!

      Have you heard of DRIPusa? It stands for “Don’t Return Incumbent Politicians” Check out when you have a chance @DRIPusa on twitter #dripusa on messages.


  20. You are a great man, for standing up for what is right, most men are just followers and expect to be payed for that.

    But I am proud to know there are some true Americans left in this country and stand for what is right, and not just getting a paycheck for doing nothing for nobody but taking up space.

    Thanks you Sir and may God bless you in many ways.
    All I can say it thanks from the heart

    • Thanks for your kind remarks – Charles Key and Randy Brogdon deserve our deepest respect and most heartfelt thanks for their leadership on state sovereignty and constitutional issues for our state! They have done a great job and we are certainly working to see that State Senator Randy Brogdon is our next Governor here too. We would appreciate your help in that effort! Blessings/sc

  21. Way to go OK. I have always been a believer
    that we the people need to stand up for our believe in freedom. Are we going to sit still & do nothing or are we going to fight back?
    Our Great Country is based on God. He is what this Country is all about. Less take back what is our birth right. Now they what our guns too? We can’t let that happen. Keep up the good work I’m all for you all.
    I hope OR. will be next.

  22. One comment to add to my post from July: We need to get the word out on what is going on in Washington. Many people don’t realize what is going on. Many that do know have no solutions. The best solution is to vote the incumbants out that do not vote with the will of the people. Plain and simple, don’t do the job and we fire them.

    All congress and senate voting records are available on the internet for free. Let your friends and neighbors know that. No matter what the politicians say or promise, their voting records speak the truth. Remember this is our country, we are not the serfs and slaves to the political royalty, we do not work for them, they work for us and we need to fire them. The new ones voted in should be watched carefully, if they don’t do the job we fire them. After awhile they will all get it, but we have to stay on their case and watch them carefully.

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  24. Ok, there is a simple solution I have put out for many years now but it requires a little action… First get copies made of these questions. 2nd, go out and find a policeperson, Judge, congressman or any other public SERVANT. Politely ask these questions. write down the answers along with your witness (at least one, two is better and a video tape is best) Say you are doing a documentary or research project. Either way they MUST answer these questions.
    If they don’t know the answers then write down “does not know”. Ok, here goes.
    1. Who are you?
    2. What position of public trust do you hold?
    3. That position requires you to swear an oath, is that correct?
    4. That oath is to support the Constitution for the united States of America, is that correct?
    5. I accept your oath of office, is that acceptable for you?
    6. Have you been paid on time for your services?
    7. Is there any money owed to you for your services?
    8. Do I owe you anything for your services?
    9. Can you please tell me the 13 article of the bill of rights?
    10. Can you tell me any articles of the Constitution?
    11. I reserve all powers, is that acceptable to you?

    That is it! Now say thank you and have a nice day. Immediately go to a notary and sign the bottom of this sheet after writing, ” I swear under penalty of perjury that I witnessed the asking and answering of these questions of the person named and have recorded them appropriately. Reserving all powers. Signed: first middle Last.
    Get Notorized and do it again and again. Send a note to (need someone to volunteer to collect and hold these until such time as we find a team of brave people to go out and arrest these people committing fraud and prosecute them. You can do it yourself but it would probably be asking too much. Ok send a note here, if that is ok with Chris? Till we get enough to put a team together. I have little to no confidence in people actually doing it but if you do then we will go the next step and set up the procedures.

  25. Who is Chris and why don’t you own this idea with name and contact info?

    The general idea here seems to be putting public servants on notice, but really folks:

    What about getting to know your elected officials and talking to them and helping them and working together on matters.

    Just thinking that should be the first effort!

    But then maybe you’ve already done that . . .

    If that fails replace them at first opportunity at the ballot box!

    See DRIPusa!

    For Life and Liberty,

  26. It’s about time the conservatives in this country stood up and said we are fed up – we are not taking it any more. We do not want a socialist government, nor do we want a bunch of goof balls who call themselves our representatives passing bills by the seat of their pants. I would have been fired many years ago if I had signed every paper that came across my desk without reading it.

    Go Okla!

  27. I am proud to be an “OKIE” God Bless the great state of OKLAHOMA. I moved back to Oklahoma after retiring from Law Enforcement after 28 years, in California. I recently came back out to California to do some work. I cannot wait to get back to Oklahoma, never to return to this liberal, socialist, part of America. “Freedom has a price to pay.” Come on all you Combat Veterans who fought for freedom, Come on all you Law Enforcement Officer’s who carried on the fight for freedom. Don’t forget those brothers who laid down their lives, for this freedom. Stand Up, Stand Up, let your voices be heard. Wave the Flag of Glory. “God Bless The U.S.A.

  28. Hey I got a question? Does anyone remember Ross Perro ? Didn’t he have a logical approch toward fixing the economy back in the 90’s. I seem to remember he had some really good ideas. He was a business man, much like Mitt Romney who might have done this country some good. I agree about getting all those Lawyers out.

  29. Ummmmm, Ross Perot. I truely believe he won the Presidency that year, but was told to vanish or else! I am so proud to read such great comments above from true Americans. You people are great and with God’s will, we will get our country back…..God Bless

  30. I remember Ross Perot, I was one his treasuers for NJ on his campaign. It is too bad he dropped out, would have been nice to run the USA like a for profit company and not a tax and spend liberal organization like we now have. Has anyone ever noticed that all started going downhill in the economy about 3 years ago? 3 years ago is when the democrats took over the house majority and leadership. The public really does have a very short memory.
    BTW…..I am an independant, I treat both parties alike – with a lot of disdain, lol. Seriously, I vote the individual and not the party, and i use THEIR voting records to decide, not what they say or promise but what they have done in the past. With the internet it is so easy to get past voting records on anyone in the Federal house, senate. Also state and local politicians voting records.
    Lets push for 2 term limits………….

    • Ray, I also vote independantly, have been for years, but unfortunately here in RI we have a democratic lever that people pull because that’s all they know. That’s something that should have gone away with the dinosaurs. But then again it’s in their favor. This state is in deep crap. I don’t know if we’ll ever get out.

  31. Bob, I hear you, I used to live in NJ, and that was a mess. We straightened it out in the early 90s by putting together a tax protest group called Hands Across NJ. We forced them to lower the taxes, get rid of a 3 billion tax increase they wanted to make law, and eventually got the democratic governor out of office. Everything was fine. Then the group disbanded because no one wanted to fight the fed – I guess they were afraid of tax audits or something? I moved in 2000 to FL (you heard of the hurricane state?) and now NJ has gov. corzine who no one likes, but yet they keep voting him in??? I do hope that we can get this country straightened out, because raising taxes to keep up with increased govt. spending is not the answer. Personall I believe those in power in DC at the moment are just on a power trip. They are trying their best to get illegal aliens the right to vote, to benefit them, at our expense of course. We do need change, but not the kind of change that is going on. We will be paying this debt off forever, then our kids will be saddled with it. Govt. size must be reduced in half, all their waste spending must be stopped and taxes have to be rolled back. The medical problem, while a problem, needs to be attacked in a different manner than just throwing money at it, old economic saying is dont throw good money after bad! Evidently the people in DC missed Eco 101 in HS or in college.

    My only advice is to get people aware of what is going on in a rational and logical manner. Eventually they may change their minds and vote the incumbants out. Good luck to you and all your good fellow Rhode Islanders.

  32. Sandra, You would make a good leader, ever think about it? You are level headed and very smart, great qualities. I look forward to your short and very viable comments.

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  34. We need to add a new amendment to the Constitution. It should read:

    Amendment 28

    Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .

    Let’s get this passed around, folks /

  35. Ray Iorio for President! He seems to have it altogether. Then put Sheriff Joe Arpaio on your staff ASAP. Together you can straighten out this country.

  36. Gloria thank you for your kind words. Certainly just about any of us could do a better job than the present President. The only correct word I have ever heard come out of his mouth is ‘CHANGE’, albeit his change is different from our change. We do need change in: Political Term Limits, Campain Spending, Electoral college, The Much Too Large Size of Government, Our Income Tax System, Sending our Troops Overseas to Fight in Civil Wars and Taxpayers funding it! Yes we need change, maybe Santa will be kind to all of us this year?
    Keep up the good fight, vote out the incumbants.

    On a nicer note: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone, God Bless!

    -Ray Iorio

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