This information is being provided by leaders in the conservative movement in Oklahoma. R3publicans supports, but did not originate this recommendation. It has been in the works for quite some time now. We strongly recommend that you study and promote it in your precinct, county, and state. It would help with energizing the Republican party and encouraging grassroots participation!


Madame/Mister Chairman, I move that this County Convention
approve the following resolution to Restore the Oklahoma GOP to
the Caucus System. Adoption of this rule would restore our party to
a caucus system. The caucus system resulted in the Oklahoma
GOPʼs support for Ronald Reagan in 1976, 1980, and 1984.
Approval of this resolution will simply place it before the State
Convention for its consideration; and it is intended as an amendment
to the State Party Rules pursuant to Oklahoma Republican Party
Rule 20, and not as a resolution for the platform.

Restore the Oklahoma GOP to the Caucus System

Rule 17 shall be amended by adding a new section, section (j), to
read as follows:
Rule 17 – Conventions
(a)-(i) [Unchanged.]
(j) Presidential Precinct Poll

1. In the years of the regular quadrennial district conventions
described in Rule 17(b), the State Committee shall prescribe a
Uniform Presidential Precinct Poll Ballot, which shall be
distributed to the County Committees for use at their respective
precinct meetings. The Uniform Presidential Precinct Poll Ballot
shall list all candidates eligible according to Rule 17(j)(3).
2. All ballots shall be completed, tabulated and returned in a
manner prescribed by the State Committee. Ballots received
according to Rule 17(j)(2)(B) shall be counted only upon
verification of the personʼs absence from the precinct meeting.
A Presidential Precinct Poll ballot shall be provided to every
A. eligible to participate in, and present at, the precinct
meeting, or
B. eligible to participate in, but unable to be present at, the
precinct meeting, provided he or she requests a ballot in a
manner prescribed by the State Committee. Said Ballot
shall be provided at no charge.
3. An eligible candidate shall have notified the Oklahoma
Republican Party of his or her intent to seek the Republican
nomination for President of the United States and paid a filing
fee prescribed by the State Committee, if any. However, no
person having filed as a candidate in the Oklahoma Presidential
Preference Primary of that same election cycle may be an
eligible candidate under these rules.
Rule 18(g) shall be amended by striking the language “cast as
provided in 26 O.S. 20-104(h).” and replacing it with, “shall be in
accordance with Rule 18(h)(2).”
Rule 18(h) shall be amended by striking the current language of that
section, and replacing it to read as follows:
(h) Award of Delegate Votes:
1. Each district in Oklahoma for the United States House of
Representatives shall elect three (3) delegates to the Republican
National Convention; the State Convention shall elect the remaining
Oklahoma delegates to the Republican National Convention.
2. Each delegate may vote for a candidate only if said candidate is
eligible under Rule 17(j)(3), and shall vote in accord with
instructions, if any, provided by the convention having elected said
Approved by the __________ County Convention on this _____ day of
_______, 2009.
Attested to by _______________________
Convention Secretary or Convention Chair
Must be filed with the State Chairman within five (5) days after adjournment
of the County Convention, according to ORP Rule 20(e).