To:  All Registered Republicans in Oklahoma’s 77 counties

RE:  KEEP FOR REFERENCE — Republican statewide election on (or about) January 27, 2009voted-images-2

(NOTE:  This is written ONLY for registered Republicans in Oklahoma.  Registered Independents and Democrats CANNOT vote in Republican Party elections.)

1. As a result of the November 2008 election, some of you have asked us, “Where do we go from here?”  This e-mail will explain to you what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to do it.  The purpose of this e-mail is to give you all of the information that you need to vote in the Republican statewide election on January 27.   The election on January 27 is a PARTY election (as opposed to a GOVERNMENT election).  The election on January 27 is the first step in a 3-step party election process for Republicans in Oklahoma.  It is important for you to understand that the Oklahoma State Election Board and the 77 county election boards only conduct GOVERNMENT elections – not PARTY elections.  The Oklahoma Republican Party conducts PARTY elections.  It is also important for you to understand that you CAN decide not to vote in the Republican Party’s precinct election – but there are consequences.  If you do NOT vote in the Republican Party’s precinct election, you AUTOMATICALLY LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IN ALL OTHER PARTY ELECTIONS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!   If you do not vote in party elections, you are missing about half of the elections that are available to you as a voter.

2. At this point (before going ANY FURTHER), we need you to find your precinct number in the county that you are registered to vote.  All of the information in the following paragraphs pertains to specific information about your precinct.  If you do not know your precinct number, please look on your voter ID card; everyone who is registered in Oklahoma will have a six digit number listed on their voter ID card.  (Please don’t confuse your Voter Identification Number with your precinct number.  The Voter Identification number is a nine digit number near the top right corner of your voter card.  Your precinct number is a six digit number near the bottom left corner of your voter card.)  For each county, the first three digits are simply the numerical representation of each county in alphabetical order (Adair County = 010, Woodward County = 770, etc.).  The last three numbers are what are commonly known as your precinct number.  If you cannot find your voter ID card, find your county election board on the attachment called “County Election Boards”.  Then call your county election board IMMEDIATELY and ask them for three things.  Ask them to tell you your precinct number, ask them to confirm for you your political affiliation (Democrat, Republican or Independent) and ask them to mail you another voter ID card.  Remember: the Election Board does NOT conduct party elections.

3. As a registered Republican, you now need the name and contact information for your Republican county chairman.  To find out who the Republican chairman is in your county, go to the web site of the Oklahoma State Republican Party. Once you are on the home page of the Oklahoma Republican Party web site, look near the top of the web site for the phrase “OKGOP Directory” (this phrase is just under the word OKLAHOMA – which is at the very top of the page).  Move your cursor over the phrase “OKGOP Directory” and then the phrase “Local GOP Contacts” will appear just below your cursor.  Click on the phrase “Local GOP Contacts” and it should take you to another web page that lists the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the Republican Party chairmen in most of Oklahoma’s 77 counties.  (Some counties don’t have a Republican county chairman; if you live in one of those counties, call the Oklahoma Republican party at 405-528-3501 and tell them that you want to be a delegate to the state convention.)

4.  Once you have the name and contact information for your Republican county chairman, you need to contact them ASAP to find out two things.  You need to first confirm that the Republican precinct elections in YOUR county are indeed on Tuesday, January 27 and are not on some other day.  (The reason we mention this is that a few of the county Republican parties have already agreed to conduct their precinct elections on some other day.  There may have been important reasons that a county Republican Party chose to conduct its precinct elections on a day other than January 27.  It is not necessarily a sinister action for a county Republican Party to conduct its precinct elections on a day other than January 27.  You just need to be aware that this may happen in your county.)  The second thing that you need to find out from your county chairman is whether your precinct already has a Republican precinct chairman.  Here are 2 suggestions as to how you can word your questions to your county chairman to find out these two things:

“I am a registered Republican in (name of your county) County; are the precinct meetings in our county going to be held on Tuesday, January 27?”

“I’m registered in precinct (your precinct number); do we have a precinct chairman for my precinct?”  If so, then ask for the name and phone number of your precinct chairman.  If there is not a precinct chairman in your precinct, you need to immediately volunteer for that position.

5. As a registered Republican, you need to call your precinct chairman IMMEDIATELY because your precinct chairman sets the location of your precinct election.  It is very important for you to understand that the place where you vote in government elections is NOT the same place where you vote in party elections!!!  At your precinct election, it is EXTREMELY important for you to make sure that you get elected as a delegate to your county convention.  At your county convention, it is EXTREMELY important for you to make sure that you sign up and get elected as a delegate to the state convention.

6. On the first page of the handout called “Party Election Packet”, we have included a voter guide for party elections, because many people have asked us what you vote on in party elections.  These sheets list the basics of what you are going to be voting on in each step of the process.  The second page of the handout lists all of the dates that we have at this time for 2009 government elections and party elections in Oklahoma.  As you can see, the Republicans have set the first step in the party election process as January 27.  (Some of the election dates on this page describe specific elections in Tulsa County, but ALL of the election dates apply to ALL 77 counties of Oklahoma.)  The third and fourth page of the attachment is a procedure for voting in party elections; we have included it because many of you will discover that you have never (UNTIL NOW) voted in a party election.  (If you have only voted in one place in your precinct, this is a good indication that you have not ever voted in a party election.)

7. If you have questions about anything in this e-mail or in the attachment, please contact your precinct chairman.

8.  Please note that this information is being provided for educational purposes only and is NOT being generated by any church or ministry.

Note on Attachments: attachments mentioned are now links to this document and may be downloaded as you deem appropriate.

[Editor’s note:  Special thanks to Greg and Susan Hill for making this information available to all.  They are treasured friends to all in the Republican party and the conservative movement.  Please share with anyone interested in participating as information and for reference.]/sc