Make all your future votes be more relevant; plan now to attend your precinct meetings.

In Oklahoma in most counties they will occur on January 27th. Contact your county chair or the state party HQ to find out when/where/make committee requests.

Note: You don’t have to be experienced to attend! You must be registered Republican to participate in the Republican Party – duh!!

What is a precinct meeting? It is a small meeting of voters from your neighborhood or precinct.

Why is it important? You will choose delegates to go to your party’s county/district conventions later on this year. This is extremely important because that is where county rules and platforms are passed and delegates are selected to go on to the state conventions. This year we will elect county officers and state officers at these meetings. For more details on this see the Grassroots training presentations available from Cheryl Williams, who is currently the GOP State Vice Chair in Oklahoma.

We will have the opportunity to recommend consideration of a caucus system in Oklahoma. More details on this will be posted to our new website as they come available. (for latest updates on all matters)

How do I prepare? Contact other like-minded voters in your area and ask them to go to the meeting with you. A few phone calls can make a big difference. Decide who can be a delegate to the other meetings and who would best represent your values in all the meetings. Bring three copies of your resolutions and a list of any other people who wanted to attend the meeting but were unable to do so because of work or school and ask that the group consider adding them to the list. Open delegations usually will honor these requests and encourage participation.

What should I expect: Expect success! And get to know you neighbors better and engage in healthy debate about the important decisions facing our nation.


Brief Twitter Demonstration/Instructions:
1. Join
2. Follow @axxiom (Kaye) @scrosnoe (Sandie) and others as we get linked up
3. Join
4. Gather followers and make friends and engage in dialogue.
5. Use hashtags to signal others (#R3s, #TCOT, #RonPaul, #ENDtheFED
6. The key to twitter is Search and it is at the bottom of the page!
7. Have fun along the way (orders from the top)