CitizensAssemblyJan3OKCCOLORCitizens to Assemble in Support of Bipartisan Legislative
Efforts to Protect Oklahomans from the Federal Collection,
Sharing and Control of Personal Data.

Date: Saturday, January 3rd
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Character First, 520 W. Main in OKC.

Oklahoma City–January 3rd there will be a “Citizens
Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty” sponsored by OK-SAFE,
R3PUBLICANS, and the Constitutional Alliance to support the
Tenth Amendment Resolution. Oklahoma citizens will
demonstrate their firm rejection of The Real ID Act of 2005
and similar proposals to use personal information or
biometrics to enroll Americans in a national identification

This bipartisan event is open to all residents of Oklahoma
who wish to retain their rights and freedoms as guaranteed
by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights should attend
this assembly.

State Representative Charles Key and Senator Constance
Johnson, special guest speakers at the assembly, will
inform attendees about current proposals before the State
Legislature that would protect Oklahoma citizens’ private
data from being amassed. Several Bills have been submitted
by Oklahoma legislators that specifically address the
collection, sharing and retention of personal information
and biometrics that put all Americans at risk such as the

The Tenth Amendment Resolution HJR 1003, authored by
Representative Key, presents fair notice to Washington that
Oklahoma will not be intimidated into relinquishing legal
authority, responsibility or jurisdiction over matters
reserved to the state as declared Tenth Amendment to the US
Constitution which reserves all powers not granted to the
federal government to the state or the people.

Mark Lerner, leading expert on the biometrics industry,
founding member of the Constitutional Alliance will be
present to give an update on the latest news regarding
parallel efforts to resist untenable national/global ID
schemes. The Constitutional Alliance is a non-partisan
coalition of Americans committed to preserving state and
national sovereignty and the unalienable rights to life,
liberty, and property. They have been working with
legislators, officials and citizens nationwide to educate
them about the grave threat posed to our fundamental
freedoms that the misuse of biometric identifiers pose and
have crafted model legislation designed to stop the
national/global ID plan.

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