Did you Hear the Big News? Dax Ewbank is Running for Governor in Oklahoma!

Dax Ewbank on Common Core

Common Core?  The “common core” of education is mom and dad.  To give that up to a coven of bureaucrats is tantamount to child abuse. 

Dax Ewbank for Governor




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Nevada standoff — a simple case? — Not‏

Photo credit to Frank Martinez on Facebook

Photo credit to Frank Martinez on Facebook

This article is very much food for thought. As first I thought the BLM versus Rancher Bundy was a pretty simple and straightforward story. It is turning out that it is any thing but. Embedded in this story, elements of: Senate corruption; land grab on behalf of Chinese company; Agenda 21; false desert tortoise claims by govt; Senator orders alteration of boundaries to benefit one of his contributors; govt euthanizing the same tortoises that they say are endangered; a move to force humans from remote areas into densely packed cities; and more.

Sounds like the makings of a good movie. Wonder who would play Rancher Bundy? Russell Crowe or Mel Gibson would be a couple of good choices.

Read the article here:


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Hat tip to my friend in Texas for the link!

More info on topic:  

Most of us have heard something about a confrontation in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and a cattleman named Bundy. Below is a link of a video of a confrontation between BLM agents and protestors supporting Bundy.

Here’s the on-scene video, taken 4/10/14, around 2 p.m.::
Here’s a written report:

Rand Paul building a national network – some new names and some old ones in the mix

Rand Paul at CPAC 2014  / photo credit: Gage Skidmore (cc)

Rand Paul at CPAC 2014 / photo credit: Gage Skidmore (cc)

By Robert Costa, Published: March 27, 2014 via The Washington Post

Sen. Rand Paul has become the first Republican to assemble a network in all 50 states as a precursor to a 2016 presidential run, the latest sign that he is looking to build a more mainstream coalition than the largely ad hoc one that backed his father’s unsuccessful campaigns.

Paul’s move, which comes nearly two years before the primaries, also signals an effort to win the confidence of skeptical members of the Republican establishment, many of whom doubt that his appeal will translate beyond the libertarian base that was attracted to Ron Paul, a former Texas congressman.

more of the article here >>>

pdf file downloadable here: Rand Paul building national network -WP

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OK R3s thank R.O.P.E. for Wise Leadership on Education Matters at State Capitol

ROPE Board all three of us in front of building smiling

Jenni White, Tracy Lynn Habluetzel, and Julia Seay at the Oklahoma State Capitol

Last week in a newsletter from R.O.P.E.  Jenni White said, “I have to say I’m surprised to be telling you this, but after nearly a week of work, HB3399 will be heard in the Senate Education Committee by Senator John Ford on Monday, March 24!”

You can find the link to the bill here and a direct PDF version
here. Please read it when you have a second. All the underline language is NEW language and all the strike-through language is being taken out.

Jenni went on to say, “The bill is very long because everywhere the words “Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS)” were written, they had to be stricken through. The only parts of the bill with which you are really concerned begin on page 17 and go through page 24.”

Then a press release was issued by the Senate about the bill. Interestingly, another press release was issued not far behind, by Governor Mary Fallin.

And suddenly the Senate Education Committee is HEARING THE BILL!  More than that the committee passed the bill out of committee by a vote of 11 to 0!

H/T to Joy Molina Collins for great graphics and constant updates and to all the groups and leaders and people and educators and children who made their voices heard and reminded those in OKC that education is best kept under local control.

Now let’s follow this through and make sure the bill is passed on the floor! Because…

Common Core is NOT ok

More info via Truth in American Education here:

Oklahoma on the Verge of Stopping Common Core Implementation

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Expect More Coalition in Oklahoma — Is It in Your State Chamber of Commerce Too?

We told you recently about Stand For Children.  We explained the money and power brokers behind this organization and explained in closing:

SFC is a shill for organizations, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, who believe that parents are too stupid to know what’s best for their children, and as such, desire private organizations and the state to do the job for them. 

We also reported how the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce released an email asking chamber members and legislators NOT to delay the Common Core State Standards and called parents (those seeking to STOP the Common Core) liars and fear mongers. 

Today we debunked the new video put together by a group called Expect More.

After seeing the video, I knew it wasn’t cheap to prepare, so I did some checking up o the group called “Expect More”.

According to their website, ExpectMore.org, there are no donors, no board structure, no president, no nothing, but a picture at the top of the “About” page including the logos above.  We are to believe this is a ‘coalition’ of these particular groups which include

No, this is ALL about BIG BUSINESS.  This is all about how parents are going to produce children to go to schools utilizing national standards to create workers for BIG BUSINESS. 


more here via R.O.P.E >>>

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